Top Ten Art Museum Exhibitions 2016: The Los Angeles Times


Top Ten Art Museum Exhibitions 2016
Los Angeles Times

© Hiromu Kira
PAC·LA proudly congratulates our own Dennis Reed, member of our board of directors, on his mention in Sunday's Los Angeles Times.  His exhibition "Making Waves: Japanese American Photography, 1920-1940" was named by art critic Christopher Knight as one of the top ten art museum exhibitions of 2016.  Knight says "The shameful World War II internment nearly erased the extraordinary Modernist legacy of Japanese American photographers, working primarily but not exclusively in L.A., which this long-awaited exhibition beautifully restored."  

We agree with this assessment - congratulations Dennis!!

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We are also proud of our friends at LACMA and The Getty Museum, who were included for their terrific collaboration on the exhibition "Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium."  It has been an amazing year for photography in Los Angeles!