PHOTOCULTURE Conversations Episode #13: János Vetõ NahTe

By Paula Ely

János Vetõ NahTe, photographer, self-taught painter, and musician, was a leading figure of non-conformist photo art in Hungary’s neo-avant-garde period (up to 1980) and the New Wave period that followed, and continues his approach today. During the second half of the 1970s he collaborated with the body artist Tibor Hajas, assisting and photographing Hajas’s actions. They also jointly created photographic art works in which Hajas performed solely for Vetõ, who was already renowned for his photographic work that radically challenged the conventions of portraits, self-portraits, and nudes. After Hajas’s accidental death, Vetõ collaborated with the painter Lóránt Méhes (Zuzu), and began applying paint onto his photographs. In 1991, Vetõ moved to Copenhagen. 

Two of Vető’s collaborative works with Tibor Hajas are on display in the exhibition Promote Tolerate Ban at the Wende Museum in Culver City. We spoke on July 20 in the Wende Museum garden.