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Jona Frank: Cherry Hill

Jona Frank’s Cherry Hill is a photographic memoir about growing up in suburban New Jersey during the 70s and early 80s. Accompanying the photographs are 25 essays about her childhood and family history. Cherry Hill pushes the boundaries of photography by creating a one-to-one cinema that is part memoir, part photo-book and part cultural-study.

Frank is working with actors to meticulously produce the domestic recreations from her youth. Emmy winner and Academy Award nominee Laura Dern is portraying Frank’s mother and three young actors are playing her at different stages of her development. Frank’s intent is to give record to the poetic-memories of our past that we all carry. Her hope is that the viewer will experience a subtle recognition between reality and cinematic fantasy.

On our visit we will view Frank's work in a Santa Monica landmarked home built in 1910.The home at 401 Ocean is about to be remodeled, but before it begins Frank is using the location to reconstruct her childhood home, so in addition to being introduced to her new series, we will also be visiting the sets where the work is being made.